The PTAA 22nd Travel Tour Expo 2015 : Travel Agents are Still In!


In the age of independent and do-it-yourself travelers, are travel agents still relevant at this time? I’d like to think so yes. I’m an independent traveler but I find value with using travel agents too when the need arise. Here are some reasons why it is smarter to use Travel Agents at times and visit the upcoming PTAA 22nd Travel Tour Expo 2015.

Gear | Miggo Strap and Wrap: Innovative Camera Strap

My Miggo Strap wrapped around my OM-D

One thing I often do when I buy a new camera, particularly DSLRs or Mirrorless, is ditch its bundled neck strap. Never really fond of those thin, branded strap that often feels tights and cuts through the neck. I don’t use them and they are much often kept in the box as I prefer to use my 3rd party camera straps. In buying a camera strap, most of the time my main concern is comfort and durability. Then there was Miggo Strap and Wrap. I got a chance to test out this Kickstarter-funded project by the some of the people behind the designs of the highly-popular Kata bags and camera accessories. I’m a fan of Kata products as I’ve used them before so I was interested in what they have worked on as they got independent from the company.

Bags | Eagle Creek Travel Bug Mini Backpack RFID

Using the Eagle Creek Travel Bug Mini to a waterfall hike

It’s a little bag that holds the essentials. When I say little I mean little. The Eagle Creek Travel Bug Mini is really like a bug, it is smaller than I anticipated but big on pockets, organization and security features. Here’s my in-depth look of this handy bag from Eagle Creek if you are in the market for a small travel bag.

Ayala Museum | The Art and the Order of Nature in Indigenous Philippine Textiles

I’ve always been fascinated by the textiles created by the various indigenous people of our country. I myself have visited their places and have seen with my own eyes how they weave and crafted these pieces of works. To them, the designs and patterns, influenced by their surroundings, nature and belief is inherent and flows naturally through them. In Ayala Museum’s newly opened exhibit at its 4th floor galleries, the “Art and the Order of Nature in Indigenous Philippine Textiles” showcase to display the indigenous Philippine textiles in a different light.

Nikon D750 and D810 in the Philippines Launched

The Nikon D750

Nikon is back! Yes! In the Philippines that is. And they are more competitive than ever. Nikon Philippines, now under the distribution arm of ThinkDharma Inc, recently launched two Nikon’s latest FX full-frame cameras, the Nikon D750 and the Nikon D810. The black and yellow faithful would surely revel on the availability of the units which are competitively priced compared to the grey market sellers out there. So why not get from Nikon Philippines and enjoy 2-years warranty and support. Now let’s take at the key features of each cameras.

The Lopez Museum | Articles of Disagreements Exhibit

Current exhibit at Lopez Museum

It’s all about how the somewhat mundane and simple processes of life transforms into a work of art. Behind familiar art forms are writings and anecdotes on art history. The exhibit “Articles of Disagreements” unearths the rich Lopez Museum archives and showcases not only the artworks but the process – agreements and disagreements in relation to art. Among the featured artist on spotlight are Maria Cruz, Buen Calubayan and Nilo Illarde.

UNIQLO 2014 Fall-Winter Collection for Travel, Work and Play

Travel Essential Life Cube

We are into the “ber” months and expect some cold climes up until the early months of the next year. I just came from Cordillera highlands and enjoyed the nippy weather there and I thought these UNIQLO 2014 Fall-Winter Collection would have been a fitting apparel while I was there. Unveiled the first week of September at the Fashion Mall in SM Megamall, UNIQLO presented in three “Life Cubes” where in their “Lifewear” lifestyle apparel applies – Work, Play and Travel.